Friday, January 02, 2009

hope 2009.

yes, it's been ages, but i just wanted to check in to let you know, that i'm still here, and i plan on being more blog-present in 2009. my relationship with my body and eating has changed exponentially since i started this blog 3 years ago (or is it 4?), but i still feel i have a lot to say about the matter, even if it's just to share with you how much better it can be as a recovered, albeit imperfectly, woman. i don't want to bitch and moan about the culture we live in (although i reserve the right to do so on certain days of the month). i want to inspire hope. so that's my theme for size ate 2009. to inspire hope via my show, my blog and via my own actions of self-care. this will mean fewer posts, but hopefully, more well-thought out, impactful posts.

oh! and an update on the show: i've got 3 shows booked at area colleges for the spring, and 3 more potential shows in the works. i'll keep you all abreast as the details get settled. exciting!!!

happy new year all. i wish you health, happiness and an abundance of waffles.