Tuesday, June 27, 2006

but she's totally not anorexic...i just saw a picture of her in US Weekly eating an ice cream cone!

check out this blog, and i swear, i will be back soon. ready or not.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

i think i could take her...

have i been horribly remiss in posting lately or what?

eh...blame it on the heat and humidity...blame it on post-vacation blues...blame it on President Bush...whatever your fancy. i've been spending lots of time putting together an EPK (electronic press kit) for my show, so i'm a bit computer weary. no offense, dear readers, but in my off hours, i'd rather be sitting under a shady tree and digging my toes into the dirt.

so, in an effort to quell your demands for posts (i'm kidding...not a one of you has complained about my absence. sniff, sniff.), i'm posting one of my favorite photos from my show, size ate, in november. my lighting designer, jenny granrud took them all, and this is actually the first time i've been through them - there were about 200.

cool, huh?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

seattle smiles...

sorry folks...have been in the seattle and portland area for the past 8 days. first, a week in seattle hanging w/ my pal s., then on to the portland area for a family wedding. i tried to blog from there, but the computer i had access to would not have it so. probably best...i needed a break from all things Web. so, i got crafty, and made some postcards which you see here to send home to friends.

i also learned that heaven tastes like a foamy soy latte made especially for me by barista Michelle at Revolutions in the Green Lake district of Seattle...

food served in a restaurant with a pink door and trapeze artists tastes better...

if you're doing the 2.9 mile run around Green Lake (or any run for that matter), it's far more enjoyable and passes far more quickly if you smile at the passersby. i always find it interesting who smiles back; often it's those that look the least friendly that are the most eager to let one big old grin rrrrrrriip...

i'm far less independent than i used to be (and i mean that in the best possible way). i'm finding i need people, and i'm only delighted by that discovery...my friends are like a good pair of earrings - i don't feel complete without them, and they make my whole head sparkle.

Friday, June 02, 2006

i love my friends, part deux

i would look so good on this sofa - would bring out the pink in my cheeks....both pairs.

i received a telephone call from my friend r.h. the other day.

"hey, what are you doing?"

"oh, just staring at your sofa."

"my sofa?"

"yes, your sofa. it's at nova zembla. it's pink with white trim and buttons. it's perfect. i'll take pictures and send them to you."

so this morning, i rec'd this email with attached pics:

These don’t do the fabric justice. Much like yourself, its weave is too complex and unique to be fully realized on film.

Though you are quite photogenic as a rule.