Tuesday, June 20, 2006

i think i could take her...

have i been horribly remiss in posting lately or what?

eh...blame it on the heat and humidity...blame it on post-vacation blues...blame it on President Bush...whatever your fancy. i've been spending lots of time putting together an EPK (electronic press kit) for my show, so i'm a bit computer weary. no offense, dear readers, but in my off hours, i'd rather be sitting under a shady tree and digging my toes into the dirt.

so, in an effort to quell your demands for posts (i'm kidding...not a one of you has complained about my absence. sniff, sniff.), i'm posting one of my favorite photos from my show, size ate, in november. my lighting designer, jenny granrud took them all, and this is actually the first time i've been through them - there were about 200.

cool, huh?

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