Wednesday, August 12, 2009

la-la-la linkage

serve yourself some delicious, nourishing food on these stunning dishes.

wonderful, inspiring images you can embed on your site.

in october 2009 - i'm going to see PINK at Madison Square Garden and it's breast cancer awareness month - i'm getting one of these in my hair.

love shack! stay in an Airstream trailer!

quite possibly the only marc jacobs anything i will ever own.

i get so thirsty in the middle of the night. this is perfect for my bedside table.

pink lentils with roasted beets. yes, please!

a really wonderful book about breast health. discusses body image and teasing. encourages girls to start one of these. brilliant! i bought it for my niece for her birthday. now i want my own copy. nobody ever told me about Montgomery glands.

blessed, blissful weekends to all of you.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

new directions

i'm thrilled to read that so many folks are interested in being a part of the bodyPeacebyPiece workfunshop! i'll keep posting details here as Susan and i suss them out.

in the meantime, do any of you guys have questions for us? we're gonna do a little video interview with the 2 of us (that i'll post here) to talk about our histories, why we're doing the class, what we think someone might get out of it, anything really. consider it an an opportunity for folks to get to know fabulous, fun Us.

so... questions? we'll be sure to answer them when we conduct our interview next weekend.

also... a thought or 2 on this site:

if you haven't noticed, i'm trying to move into a more positive direction these days. i'm far less interested in focusing on how screwed up our culture is in terms of eating disorders and body image. i've done my fair share of kvetching, and i still reserve the right to occasionally stomp my feet and pout, but there are already so many blogs out there doing that (and doing it much better, i might add). i'm not calling a moratorium on bitching, because we all know how FANTASTIC that can feel sometimes, and to get to the good you sometimes have to crawl eyebrow-deep through the muck, screaming the entire time, but where i am now is:


education is important. awareness is important, but i want to LIVE, and i'm interested in exploring that journey and sharing it with you. the bumpy journey i've had and continue to have, that we all have, after we've decided TO LIVE.


how do i do it?

how do you do it?

how do we do it?


i'm not totally sure what this means in terms of the content of this site and the trajectory of my show, but i'm figuring it out, and ya know what? i'm having FUN.

so going forward, i vow to keep the bitching to a minimum and the living to the maximum.

and more puppies.

happy tuesday, gorgeousnesses.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

luminous linkage

i spent many years hating my belly. i love how this site celebrates The Belly.

this should be the only umbrella allowed in NYC.

cupcake porn.

wouldn't you like to pass this every morning?

you can peel the delicate, thin skin of a red pepper with this wonder gadget. you and i both need one. i promise.

are you serious?

defy your parents.

great dorm food ideas. beats the microwaved baked potato with ranch dressing i ate every night for 4 years.

i'd like this little bag in which to carry my snacks in my purse. SNACKS. great word, isn't it?

in the l.a. area? interested in taking part in a body image project?