Wednesday, August 12, 2009

la-la-la linkage

serve yourself some delicious, nourishing food on these stunning dishes.

wonderful, inspiring images you can embed on your site.

in october 2009 - i'm going to see PINK at Madison Square Garden and it's breast cancer awareness month - i'm getting one of these in my hair.

love shack! stay in an Airstream trailer!

quite possibly the only marc jacobs anything i will ever own.

i get so thirsty in the middle of the night. this is perfect for my bedside table.

pink lentils with roasted beets. yes, please!

a really wonderful book about breast health. discusses body image and teasing. encourages girls to start one of these. brilliant! i bought it for my niece for her birthday. now i want my own copy. nobody ever told me about Montgomery glands.

blessed, blissful weekends to all of you.


tc said...

wait.... you're going to see pink? why was i not aware of this... and i can hear you saying, "but i told you that i was going to see pink with ____ and asked you if you wanted to go, and you responded: 'we need tonic'." but that didn't happen!

i still love you.

Anonymous said...

those are cool!