Tuesday, September 01, 2009

grateful x 1000

i'm going to be MIA for a few weeks until things settle down a bit. The Cute had a bit of a health scare last week, so i spent the bulk of my time at the hospital (definitely not one of my favorite places). it was very scary for a few days there, but i am exceedingly happy to report that he is 100% on the mend, but i'm just now catching up with emails, upcoming show details and um, sleep.

precious, precious, precious, glorious, glorious, glorious, unworried, uninterrupted sleep.

i was also supposed to move in with that adorable man this past weekend, but that got postponed seeing as how he was shackled to an IV stand he affectionately dubbed "Twiggy" for the past 6 days.

'til my return, a few things i'm grateful for:

happy, functioning kidneys.

our hospital theme song. The Cute's theme song.

snoring (because that means he's sleeping next to me, alive and well).

new sheets kissed by The Polka Dot Fairy.

home-cooked meals by The Cute's momma.

raspberry sherbert that brings you to tears. chili that makes your eyes roll to the back of your head.

a happy and healthy life is a daily commitment and, like all things worth doing, is hard work but, my oh my... the benefits make my eyes water, my heart swell and my throat lump.


tc said...

you are from heaven. not sure what i could have/would have done without you by my side.

and damn, that was the best sherbet that ever was.

Cassie said...

Thank goodness everyone is alright =) My great grandmother used to say " If there weren't bad days, how would you know to be thankful for the good ones?" Hard to remember when someone you love is sick. You seem to know how to cherish the little things though.

Danielle Mari said...

Isn't it amazing how the worst of times can give us the best gifts?

So glad everything is better now. Enjoy sleep.

Sara said...

Glad it's all good. :)