Thursday, August 06, 2009

luminous linkage

i spent many years hating my belly. i love how this site celebrates The Belly.

this should be the only umbrella allowed in NYC.

cupcake porn.

wouldn't you like to pass this every morning?

you can peel the delicate, thin skin of a red pepper with this wonder gadget. you and i both need one. i promise.

are you serious?

defy your parents.

great dorm food ideas. beats the microwaved baked potato with ranch dressing i ate every night for 4 years.

i'd like this little bag in which to carry my snacks in my purse. SNACKS. great word, isn't it?

in the l.a. area? interested in taking part in a body image project?


randomlymikey said...

the belly site is awesome! there is a similar site called The Shape of A Mother. and heeelllooooo... cupcake porn. thank you!

katiefranknos said...

mmm cupcakes :P

margrocks said...

i know The Shape of A Mother, randomlymikey! that one's awesome too.

i am in wholehearted agreement, katiefranknos.