Tuesday, September 18, 2007

fringe benefits

i went to valdosta, georgia this past weekend for a wedding and to visit my brother and his brood (grant and tate are his tykes. wowza, are they cute. having a cherubic baby fall asleep in your arms might very well be the greatest incentive for procreation ever. pics to come!).

the wedding was one of the most beautiful and unusual i've ever attended. my friend s married an Indian guy, so they had two ceremonies - a traditional Indian ceremony with s all decked out in a sari, bindi and henna-tattooed hands, followed by a 45-minute cocktail break, then a traditional Western ceremony, with s all decked out in the requisite Big White Dress.

at the uber-fancy dinner and reception following the ceremony, i gathered with a couple of my high school friends to watch the traditional dancing. as we stood there, my friend m turns to me with a look of blissful relief on her face:

"hey! i just realized somethin.' i'm standin' here trying to hold my stomach in. i don't have to do that anymore! i'm pregnant!"


Beth said...

That WILL be a nice time to stop sucking in. Kind of sad to think that some of us women will be doing that for the rest of our lives except those few months. I understand her comment all too well.

Zmama said...

I remember that relief feeling when I pregnant, as well. Not so much that I didn't have to suck in my stomach but that I had an "excuse" to look bigger.

Hopefully the inner work I am doing now will save me from that "relief" during my next pregnancy.