Saturday, October 20, 2007

the body supposition

as i blowdried my hair this morning, my soft belly peeked out from beneath my t-shirt and said hello to my reflection in the mirror.

my gut reaction, was one of "ewwww. fat, fat, fat girl."

wow. like riding a bike that body hatred!

later on as i was walking down the street on this absolutely beautiful indian summer's day, it hit me: the only times in my life when my belly has looked the way that i think it should look - flat like the girls on the cover of Shape magazine-flat - has been when i have been either one of two things -


neither of which i have any interest in being anymore. at least not by choice.

so, this led me to the conclusion that i'm probably just not supposed to have a flat belly. that really helped me relax. i mean, doesn't it stand to reason that the body you have when you're happy is very likely the body you're supposed to have?

just a thought.


slush said...

You know, that totally makes sense. The only time I ever had a flat belly I was unhappy or "dieting".

And I dont know that its possible to ever have a flat belly after 3 kids in 5 years anyway. At least not with my genes.

Thanks for the great post! xo

Lavonne said...

I'm glad you're happy!

cggirl said...

wonderful post, i couldn't agree more.

and i am sure ur belly is quite beautiful just as it is now. :)

haith said...

good truth-telling post, moog.

zubeldia said...

HI there, I just found your blog and thought I'd say hello.

I absolutely agree with you. Although the body loathing can make one pretty freaking sad.. such a horrible perpetuating cycle.


Michael said...

What strange things dost thou speaketh of? Happiness?

Surely this must be witchcraft...this talk of happiness and natural body shapes.... Satan's own words, be quiet servant of the dark lord!


Fabulous post and so striking because it makes so much sense but even more startling is the fact that even though it makes sense I really did think those things above.

Alyssa said...

That makes so much sense!!! Why hadn't I thought of that?!

I remember working with a costume designer on a play once. I was in my 20's and ashamed of my tummy pooch. She actually complimented me on it, saying she LIKES women who have a pooch, because it's very feminine and attractive.
I LOVED that woman!