Saturday, January 14, 2006

i always did like "friends"

68%. yeah. i wish.

i'm working on a really profound, earth-shattering post, but in the meantime check this site out. you upload your picture and it tells you what celebs have similar bone structure to yours.

here were my results. not the most scientific i don't think, but it's fun anyway.

for the hell of it, i decided to do my Great Grandmother Ruth.

my dad sent me this photo a few weeks ago. i don't remember much of her. she died when i was around 6 years old, and at the time she was living in Florida, so my memories of her are restricted to a single visit to her condominium one Easter vacation when i was around 4. i imagine i spent most of my time doing what most kids do at their great-grandparents' house, raiding the Depression glass candy dish and trying to figure out why everything smells so i know, a combination of Emeraude eau de toilette and vienna sausage.

apparently she was quite the party girl in her time. ruth, they say, was (gasp) a flapper as much as a girl could be in the eensy-teensy town of milan, michigan. rumor has it she used to sneak cigarettes (contraband in their household by her husband - my staid, bank manager great-grandfather Grant), hastily hiding them in the freezer when her grandchildren (my dad and his brothers) paid her unannounced visits. my dad would open the freezer to get a popsicle, ice cubes, whatever only to be overwhelmed by ribbons of smoke swirling out from behind the frozen peas where a bed of butts lay dying.

okay...that was a tangent.

so, here are gramma ruth's results. funny.

64% - Tori Amos

64% - Therese of Lisieux

60% - Hugh Grant

59% - Jennifer Connelly

58% - Matt LeBlanc

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