Wednesday, March 01, 2006

happy (belated) voluptuous tuesday...

yeah. this was just getting annoying.

...because tuesday's not fat, shes' just big-boned.

ba dah bum ching.

in honor of mardi gras...oh, okay, mardi gras had nothing to do with it, but the two just happened to happily coincide...

i gave away my TV.

wooo hooo!

frankly, i didn't even watch that much, but i just felt it was taking up way to much physical and psychic space in my little pad. i found i'd come home, flip it on "for company," toss my beleaguered body onto the couch, and POOF! before i knew it, it'd be midnight, i'd half-heartedly done 8 million things, sortof watched 5 television programs that i could not answer a single question about if someone asked me, and eaten through an entire bag of baby carrots, 1/2 wheel of Roquefort cheese, 12 chocolate kisses and one generous glass (or more) of vino.

let me demonstrate what happens in my brain when i get home and encounter an evening avec Le TV:

i've got to get all of this done! i want to read this book, bake this cake, write this letter, burn this cd, knit this teapot cozy, call this grandma, but i have to watch this movie, this sitcom, this documentary, this news program, and this talk show.

you see my problem.

i am not going to become one of those hardcore tube-haters, or one of those who wear their TV-lessness like a Girl Scout badge. i think television serves its purpose if you're one of those people who can manage your TV and not let it manage you. i am not. mine straps me to the couch and forcefeeds me Big Macs and SUVs and self-hatred in the form of emaciated actresses with hair that bounces and boobs that don't. for me, for now, television encourages unconscious action, and i am trying to invite more consciousness into my life. i want to be present and aware of what i'm doing and being and feeling.

even if that feeling is pissed because i'm missing Paula Deen.

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