Monday, August 28, 2006

baby mine, belly mine.

from a dear, dear, dear friend in an email telling me that she and her boyfriend are having a baby...i cannot divulge her identity or share her entire bittersweet life story, but let me tell you folks, if ever you have doubted...if ever you have been rendered hopeless and blubbering certain that there will be nothing more for you than despair and heartache...she is proof positive that that is a pile of bullshit, because this sweet girl waded through and found love, babies and weekend road trips through the lake country on the other side:
I'm not showing yet, but that's surely because I am "fat" anyway, I have not managed to lose more weight, but 35 pounds in the past 2 years helped, and, after the baby, he and I both want to be a little more conscious about eating and doing some kind of sport. I am starting to like my body, even though my boobs are growing even more (which is tricky if you have a E cup and can't find bras that size now... oh my..!) and my shape is changing, but I am welcoming the changes and can't wait for my belly to grow. It is starting to change and I feel for it everyday, wanting it to just pop out from one day to another to show and be proud of my little Buddha pooch. It's amazing that an experience like that can change your opinion about yourself. I am happy to just get bigger and actually, I have not gained any weight, let's see how I get on...

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