Monday, January 29, 2007


i went to fort lauderdale this weekend. oh boy. sunlight. warmth. swimming pools. jacuzzis. just what this winter weary girl needed.

i flew down with a friend who has fared substantially better than i in the moolah department. he has a fabulous condo with a fabulous view, fabulous vintage furniture and a fabulous collection of Fiestaware. i told him that he was helping me get in touch with my inner gay man. after this past weekend, i anticipate that i will be better at three things:

1. decorating

2. dressing

3. dating

now, there's a book.


we flew out of JFK, and as i was pulling off my shoes and belt at the security line, i looked back at the couple behind me.

oh my...don't look, don't look.

it was mischa barton and her boyfriend. i don't own a TV, but i know who she is from the gossip rags and from her various fashion and beauty endorsement deals.

she is a lovely, waifish girl, but what struck me most is how very normal, and dare i say it, average she looked, and i mean that in a really good way. yes, she's a beaut, but no more so than any number of women i see prancing past me on a daily basis. we all know by now the Photoshopping all those ads go through, but it's really a wonderful gift to see one of the digitally-altered beauties up close and in person.

why goody gumdrops! she's a girl just like me!

yes, she had really really great yellow shoes with giant rhinestones on the toes, but the realization was...she doesn't even look like her photos, so how the hell can we? we can't. she can't. so, we just stop trying...slip on sparkly shoes, a great pair of shades, and tote your adorable rocker boyfriend along - the one who's brave enough to wear sunshine yellow socks.

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