Wednesday, January 31, 2007

so touched.

funny isn't it, how ya always get the little nudge you need when you're hesitating about getting back into the saddle.

this was posted on YouTube by an anonymous 19-year old regarding my size ate video clip:
I made a blog about this video and your website and a friend I'm not particularly close with messaged me. She told me how she has problems with bulimia and that this video is a step for her to something better. It opened up a dialogue that would never have happened. Thank you for opening eyes and minds, including mine.
and we're off!

i'm performing size ate again at the end of march.

i'm kinda happy, and i kinda wanna throw up. funny how those two feelings are so closely assimiliated, and how we continue to do things that we know are gonna make us feel this way.
that is, i am afraid, what they call BEING ALIVE.


haith said...

can you give exact details yet, moog? i want to come up and see it!!!

PalmTreeChick said...


I'll be passing out the caramels!