Monday, August 20, 2007

faith in photoshop.

pretty, pretty, pretty, faith hill. so thin and willowy, skin so flawless, waist so taut and cinched (even after three babies!).

and here's what she really looks like.

a very, very human, pretty, pretty, pretty faith hill.

click here to read all about what was done to make her look like an expressionless Carrie Underwood clone.

(thank you, amy. i will never be a particularly successful blogger b/c i'm the equivalent of your 88-year old grandmother when it comes to keeping up with the rest of the blogosphere. good thing i have friends who do!)


Ghetto Photo Girl said...

The powers of photoshop still amaze me to this day, even after nearly 10 years of using it. I once sat switching between two pics, the raw and the PS'd, in awe of what I had created and what I had been able to turn it into.

The lies we create sometimes are just too real.

cggirl said...

Thank you for sharing that before and after of the magazine cover!

Of course Faith looked beautiful just as she was in the original photo, and if u ask me she needed no touchups, but if that's what they choose to do - i think it's really important for all of us to see.