Thursday, August 09, 2007

"i am woman, hear me chew."

i've got myself taken care of. i wonder what he's gonna eat.

Be Yourselves, Girls, Order the Rib-Eye

i used to be the girl that ate a "little something" before she went out on dates so i wouldn't eat too much at dinner. i remember my eighth-grade valentine's dance. i went with parker grow. i wore a royal blue satin dress with a sequinned bodice and an assymmetrical waistline. parker had a matching cummerbund and bowtie. i rolled my hair. i teased my bangs. i had braces. and because i'd read in TEEN magazine to eat something before a date so as not to make a big oink out of oneself, i ate a piece of ham and cheese pizza before he picked me up. we went to his house for a lovely dinner his mother had prepared for eight of us. i hardly ate a bit, which in retrospect, was not only rude, but incredibly stupid. the food was delicious, particularly the homemade tiramisu dessert that i pecked at like an anorexic sparrow.

i will always regret that uneaten dessert. sorry, mrs. grow.

i also went through a phase where i only ordered salads when i was on dates. again...dumb. i enjoy salads, definitely, i eat them on a daily basis, but not usually when confronted with other, more carnivorous options. and in the romance department, salad? pffft. can you really imagine sharing a forkful of mixed greens over candlelight? nothing sexy about that. offering up a drippy bit of pink steak au poivre to the salivating boy across the way? Sexy City. and if what one eats at dinner is indicative of the tastes of another appetite, i'd prefer the boy associate my desires with something hearty and robust, not light and fibrous.

in the end, of course, a girl should eat whatever the hell she wants on a date. eating steak when what you're really craving is broccoli in hopes he'll think you're "unpretentious and down to earth and unneurotic," is just as silly as eating a salad because you don't want to appear "too carnivorous" and what i'm guessing this really means is, masculine.


so yeah, ladies, eat what you will, what you want, what you crave. i man worth his salt is gonna like you for reasons other than what you put in your mouth anyway. salad, steak...whatever. of course, i'm not so sure the same holds true for boys, for me, that is. i mean, i think i have admit to a bit of a double standard here. on my first real date with The Cute, i ordered steak au poivre...and so did he. good thing. if he'd ordered "just a salad," i'm not so sure i would have stuck around for dessert.

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CGgirl said...

I like this post! Haha. What you say is so true.
And that is good advice not only on a date, but at any time really.

I think it's really cool that you're so open about this stuff, I think it helps a lot of people, and it opens up discussion about things that too many people just accept and don't question.

I haven't seen your show but judging from this blog and the youtube video, it looks VERY cool.
I live in New York so maybe I will catch it, if it's running here.

I also read your post about wondering what's next with this blog and your show.

Well, I am in the field of animation and post production, and by extension I'm always interested in films. So let me humbly suggest that you make some sort of short film version of your show. Or maybe more of a sequel to it, if u feel u have more to say now that u have learned a long the way.
It could be some combination of a documentary and your current show, or, I don't know, I'm sure you will think of good ideas for it.

(And since I find this topic so important and compelling, if you're strapped for cash and need professionals to offer some free help, look me up... I can help in the stuff that I do, and I might be able to find you people with other movie-making skills you might need. Though I'm sure u already know plenty of people already that would help you. Just puttin it out there if for no other reason than you will know people are behind you on this. :) )