Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i've got bad hearing.

i'll be posting pretty infrequently for a while. work is a bit crazy with the holidays coming up, and i'm working on getting size ate booked at more colleges in the spring, so i won't have much time for blogging. and yes, there still is that latte-heart-drawing boy. he's still around, thank goodness, although i'm sad to say that the jig is completely up. he now knows how truly nuts i am. the other day (in my defense, it was the end of a very long, bumpy one) as i stood in the kitchen, he told me:

"wow. you look sexy, so tall and thin."

i burst into tears, of course.

what i heard was:

"you look sexy because you happen to look tall and thin right at this very moment, but usually you don't look sexy because you don't usually look tall and thin, so i'm not usually attracted to you. this probably means you'll eventually stop having these moments of looking sexy i.e. tall and thin, and so i'll probably stop being attracted to you at all, ergo i'll probably stop loving you at all."

what he meant was:

"you look sexy, so tall and thin."

men. so literal.


thank you, lisa and nina.


Anonymous said...

So, size ate is in touring shape? Can I bug people at my school to consider booking it...?

Lisa said...

Thank you very much for the link! None of it's easy. Even the compliments.

margrocks said...

yes, anonymous! bug the people at your school! if you want me to send you info, pass on your email, and i'll send you info to fwd.

and your welcome, lisa! gotta spread the word!

April said...

I trust you will post a touring schedule so that we can come see the show if it's close by?