Sunday, February 03, 2008

just happy

it wasn't nearly this pleasant, but i sure do feel better.

sorry, guys. it has been one helluva week. plenty good stuff, plenty challenges, but i'm spending a little time away from the keyboard this weekend to rest mine eyes (and my brain). when your eyes twitch, that's your body's way of telling you to GO STARE AT A TREE, PLEASE.

i went to the acupuncturist on wednesday. one of the first things he said to me was:

"you've lost some weight since i saw you last. you're slimmer."

"yeah, i guessssss so..." i pause.

"it's not easy!!!" he says with great admiration, expecting me to detail my valiant attempts at exercise and weight loss.

"actually, i haven't been trying at all."

"really?" he's shocked.

"yeah. i think i'm just happy."


can't wrap his brain around that one: A WOMAN WHO HAS CEASED STRUGGLING WITH HER WEIGHT. do they make those on planet Earth?


Anonymous said...

Ahaha! What a great statement. "I think I'm just happy."
I use that whenever I gain weight.

margrocks said...

ha. yeah, yanyb. i imagine that statement works for both situations. and doesn't it? it certainly has worked for both situations for me. see here:

how much does "happiness" weigh anyway?

still bulimic said...

wow. it's incredible how people put such a value on weight gain and loss when they're looking at another person. scary.

in other news...your blog is eye candy. totally fascinating.