Tuesday, October 07, 2008

computer (and me) meltdown

me, tyler, ethan and maddie

hi, gorgeous people!!!

i'll be back shortly. i went to michigan to visit my 'rents and my brother and his family all last week only to return to work yesterday to find that my hard drive has been almost completely wiped out in my absence.

what fucking FUN!!!

my point is, i am busy trying to rebuild my work life (what did we do before computers?), but i shall return once things get back to wee bit normal. forgive moi.

here's a silly question to ponder... if you were to die, and they were going to cast your most "you" body part in bronze to memorialize you, what would it be?

me? my nose. unmistakably me. or my calves. terrifyingly muscular and sinewy. genetics.


Sara said...

My nose, no doubt about it. It has this little hook slope thing in it, which I HATED as a kid but have learned to love, really. R.I.P. SARA AND HER SHNOZ.

margrocks said...

noble noses unite! i used to think i wanted a nose job (when i was 16), but thank GOD my parents wouldn't have let me. i love this proud proboscis.