Tuesday, March 03, 2009

because in this weather, your apples get vewy chiwwy.

an apple jacket by handamade

and that is not a euphemism.

who doesn't need more fiber in their diet? and who can't imagine this adorable little thing sitting on their desk? problem is, i don't think i'd want to ruin the display by eating it.

i'm sans computer this week. mine went pffft the moment i tried to upload some videos from the size ate shows last week. i'm hoping to be up and running again by the end of this week, but that all depends on the computer gods.

i'll say this: the shows at Drew University, Caldwell College and SUNY New Paltz went remarkably well. doing the show is always a bit of a freakout (scary) therapy (wonderful) session for me, but i'm always humbled by what i learn from the audiences, the questions they ask, the things i'm forced to re-think regarding my own recovery and how i portray that recovery in my show. more thoughts to come on that.

two more shows to go! Barnard College/Columbia University next Monday, March 9, and Immaculata College on Thursday, March 19. if you're in the area, and would like to attend either, please let me know, and i'll see if i can get you in.


Michelle said...

Hi There, I would absolutely love to see the show- I live in NYC. I have been following your blog for a while now. How would I go about getting a ticket or two?

margrocks said...

hi michelle -

send me an email with your full name and your guest's name, and i'll see if i can get you on the list. ( :