Thursday, April 09, 2009

this ain't no yankee candle.

i walked in to Dean and Deluca this morning to purchase my overpriced mocha (mortgage payment, anyone?), and was welcomed into the loving arms of an old friend.


i love her. she comforts me and calls me "pet."

i thought to myself:

why not a bacon-scented candle? we have cinnamon bun-scented candles. sugar cookie-scented. apple pie-scented.

i posited this question on my Facebook page, and my friend Y shot back with this link.

BLT candles.

after a little "bacon-scented" google, i found this. i don't think i'm looking to catch myself a bear, but always good to know.

you can also buy yourself a bacon scarf, underdrawers, or floss.

finally, this.

so. wrong.

but then, if you're looking to catch yourself a man, this just might work.

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