Monday, August 29, 2005

sangria + s'mores upchuck, er...i mean, update.

my kinda man.

had another fundraiser for my show size ate on saturday nite out in the so-hip-it-hurts borough of w'burg, brooklyn. sangria + s'mores were served...devoured...slurped.

still recovering from mild sugar coma, but for those of you that have asked, the evening could certainly be deemed a success. why, thank you for asking, sweethearts.

no rain...

a nice cooling breeze on the back patio...

plenty of lovely peeps that make my heart buzzzzzzz with gratitude...(some i expected, some i didn't, and some i expected to show but didn't. but i'm over it....really...i am...i swear. sniff. sniff.)

crisp, refreshing red wine sangria with a confetti of apples and oranges be-boppin' around in your glass...gets you drunk without you knowing it...

shake yo' booty music from my pals benicio + the del toros...i love these men.

some slammin' original poetry from some amazing, brave women...

an abundance of hershey chocolate squares and marshmallows roasted over an open fire melted and shmooshed in between crunchy graham crackers...almost better than camp. not a single solitary kumbaya round was sung.

someone said i looked "clean and pretty." amazing what a little shampoo and body spray'll do for a girl. (oh, don't get excited. he's married and happy, dammit.)

i only discovered one red wine stain on my white blouse when i got home that night: a record evening. (gotta love the clorox bleach pen.)

and most importantly, we raised some moolah! yippee! now we can buy programs and toilet paper for the bathrooms.

tee hee hee.

see you in november! buy a ticket!

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