Wednesday, August 24, 2005

super aunt, or thinly veiled bragging

warning: annoying aunt bragging and pictures of children you don't know to follow.

really, people. i should be offended.

i mean, not even one suggestion for my super power character. okay, not true. ONE, from prissy/pissy missy. Self-Orgasmo was her suggestion which, while witty, is not precisely the kind of supernatural moniker i was hoping for. (i appreciate the attempt at verisimilitude the name suggests, but puh-leeez...i can't spend the entire party blushing.)

i should be offended. i mean, i know people are reading this bloody blog. why, i'm not so sure, but i know you guys are out there...reading, snickering, tsking.


i should descend into an abyss of self-doubt:

do they really think i have no talents worthy of accessorizing with a cape?

do they think i am incapable of doing anything in "a single bound"? (they obviously haven't seen me man a xerox machine.)

all signs point to self-pity, self-phooey, self-pfffffft.

but i am not. i will not.

know why?


i got a brand-spankin'-new, glorious nephew on friday morning at 3 am.

grant mitchell laskey

and i'll bet he'll think i'm super when i make him mac 'n' cheese 'n' franks someday and teach him how to cuss in french.

so there.

besides, my niece maddie has a far better idea for a costume than any of you could ever think of (see below). perhaps i can wear it around my calf.

i love that she's not holding her stomach in.


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful = congrats! He is so sweet and she looks like so much fun!! I had thought of suggesting something along the lines of "The Super Crocker" or "Marthdonna" (a cross b/t Martha and Madonna - only the best characteristics apply, of course), but I am not very creative at the moment. All I seem to focus on are how many bowel movements he has each day and how I can begin to get back in my pre-preg. clothes! Love you!

margrocks said...

i LOVE your very well might be the winner! ha. love you, mama j.