Wednesday, August 31, 2005

that katrina girl is a bitch.

if i could, i'd buy luxury hotel rooms for everyone
down there and put chocolates on all their pillows myself.

God and i don't talk that frequently. i mostly talk to my mom. she probably bakes her homemade french bread and whips up a batches of her cheese fondue for Him regularly, so i figure he's more inclined to listen to her than to whiny ol' me, but today is one those days when i just feel the need to talk to the Big Guy himself.

so, say a little prayer, send good vibes, warm fuzzies, whatever works for you to the people down in alabama, louisiana, and missisippi. they need all Love they can get. pronto.

and, if you're as frustrated as i am about not being able to do anything, but watch the devastation grow with every click of the channel changer, every refresh of the CNN web page, every turn of the radio dial....don't just sit there. click here and pick an organization to donate to. it's far more helpful and far less self-destructive than what i'm inclined to do when feeling so helpless and anxiety-ridden - devour the 6 leftover Hershey bars in my kitchen cabinet.

chocolate, apparently, is not prayer. 'tis a shame. could've saved the world by now.


Footprint said...

and what can we do about it b eside send money??

margrocks said...

god, i don't know, footprint. wish i knew...i've been searching for volunteer opportunities, but there don't seem to be any. just calls for donations. if you see anything, let me know...