Thursday, September 01, 2005

forget apples. comfort me with m & m's.

hey, whatever helps you cope.

so at least i'm not the only one; everyone seems to be craving chocolate.

seriously. it's like a candy-coated zeitgeist.

everyone at my office had a package of m & m's on their desk today - peanut, plain, crispy. unable to do anything about the katrina victims, but watch it get worse (did you know they had thunderstorms today?)...we all attempted to comfort ourselves with cheerful little Technicolor candies that we dribbled onto our desks and into the hands of passing co-workers like some sort of rainbow rosary. our way, i suppose, of commiserating. even the maraca shake-shake-shake of the sugary baubles in their bag brought some sort of happy to our gloomy day, and perhaps the crunch-crunch-crunch of the candy shell alleviated some of the anxiety swirling about our brain begging us to do something.

i dunno.

maybe they remind us of a simpler, happier time? when mom, who usually wouldn't allow junk food to cross the threshold of your granola and yogurt home, brought home a big 1/2 pound bag of m & m's, unveiled them with the flourish of Houdini, poured them into a glass bowl, you'd plunge our "wash-your-hands-first!" digits into the jewel-colored pebbles...couldn't wait to see if the slogan were true..."melts in your mouth not in your hand"...squeeze squeeze squeeze your fistful of M's...and open to reveal...a veritable Rorshach test of food coloring and chocolate...lick...who cares if the slogan weren't true...


perhaps it's just comforting to know that something so simple and something so good can remain after all of the death, devastation, and confusion of the past few days. even if it's just a favorite childhood candy that reminds us of rainbows.

they do follow rain, right?

god, i hope so.


fyi: r. tried to post this a few days ago in response to my previous post, but blogger blipped. here's what she wrote:

i tried to post and something got messed up----so here it is:

thanks for the link to help, i was frozen in all the media coverage, and i found this and thought it might also be a good source of info


Footprint said...

cool pic.

margrocks said...

thanks, fp. you got some great ones on your site too.

Anonymous said...

yo. get me your address thru B. the place I work loves this kind of press..

margrocks said...

hey anonymous - i'll gladly get you my address, but who are you? and who is B? ha.

Anonymous said...

man are you a lousy detective. B. is your piano player. I work for M&M and at the very least, we owe you some sample boxes... (however, that picture is copyright infringment and you are required by law to mail me $10 or some brownies)

margrocks said...

sorry sorry sorry, anon. i have a best friend B, a brother B...a piano player B. it "B" confusing. ba da bum ching.

actually, it's not my photo, so some stock photography company owes you brownies, or $10. ( :

yay! sample boxes!!! i hear thru the grapevine there are DARK CHOCOLATE m & ms....not that i have a preference or anything...( :