Wednesday, September 28, 2005

and the winner is...MARTHADONNA!

you too can be marthadonna with a few minor essentials.

i've all been on pins and needles, dying to know...

i went to my friend g's Super Powah Birthday Party as Marthadonna, a suggestion from my dear pal j. (she just had a baby, so it must be all those hormones givin' her them clever idears). for those of you that don't know what the hell i'm talking about, click here. i found it to be the perfect moniker - combining my affinity for all things crafty and domestic with my sangin'. of course, i'm not quite as productive or felonious as Martha, but then i'd like to think my voice is a little better than Madonna's (or is she Esther?), so i figure they balanced each other out, making Marthadonna a fair representation of my built-in "supah powahs."

anyhoodle...thanks to all for your suggestions. j, send me your fave cookie recipe, and as promised, i'll send ya a batch, or whatever's left over to bake after i devour most of the raw dough...( ;


and, in the category of Wha-the-Fa? watching a rerun of david letterman with kate hudson tonight. apparently, she was an excellent soccer player as a teenager, but she decided to quit. why? her legs were getting too muscular.

yes, kate. sports tend do that. girls like you certainly made that whole battle for title ix worth it.

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karma said...

clogging...just like you said you were from the very beginning. you made me spit out my coffee from laughing.

i know you won't practice at home or i will take up .....singing out loud...