Saturday, September 10, 2005

clogging, but not my arteries.

i think it might make my thighs look thinner.

oh. my. god.

i am so excited. i have discovered my next project. yes, yes, yes...those of you that know me, "like she needs another friggin' project!" but seriously, i've been looking for ways to exercise that are joy-inspiring, not misery inducing. i can't really do the dance classes i want to at b'way dance center and the yoga classes at my local place because they just don't gel w/ my sked. so...i have found the equivalent of exercise nirvana for me...

click here.

is that the coolest or what? i realize it might be deemed "uncool" or too "rural" by some people, but thankfully, those people aren't reading my blog. rrrright? i'm just hoping they'll let me wear one of those big, poufy, crinoline red gingham dresses. crinolines are just begging for a comeback, aren't they?

i love love love movement - that is truly the one thing i really dislike about my current job - the lack of movement. my ever-increasing bum sits in an ever-increasingly uncomfortable chair for 7 hours a day, but exercise at the gym so frequently feels like, well...punishment. doesn't it? i find myself on the treadmill, not thinking of how fucking blessed i am that i have a strong, resilient body that can mooooooove, but how many calories i have just burned off by running at 6.5 mph for 45 minutes. this unconscious movement, i find, leads to injuries and a litany of lesser miseries (a chafed inner thigh from those damn running shorts) b/c i'm not listening to my blessed little body that i have ignores for so long.

if anything is sacred, the human body is sacred. - walt whitman

word to yo' mother, walty.

the irony is, about 3 years ago, when i was interviewing with my landlords for the awesome apartment that i am currently living in, they asked if i had any particularly noisy hobbies "like playing the guitar, or anything." if i moved in, they'd be living below me.

"not really," i said. "just clogging."

k., my landlord, claims to this day that that little bon mot was what won them over and secured me as their new tenant, beating out the columbia grad student that was vying for the spot as well.


don't worry, k. i won't be practicing at home. promise. but if you notice significant amounts of tulle missing from your fabric supply in the basement, i plead the fifth.

it will be so much easier to buy Christmas gifts.
this t-shirt, for one, will be a big hit with me.


Susan said...

Hi.. Missy gave me the link to your blog and I have to say it's great!!

margrocks said...

susan b! is that YOU???? wow. ditto. YOUR blog is great, too!