Saturday, September 03, 2005

help katrina victims...

okay. ask and ye shall receive and all that...this just in this morning from my dear friend laurie, whose family has been greatly affected by katrina. i know i've been bothered by the fact that i can't do anything other than send money. well, here you are...a cry for all things household as well as clothing. so, if you're feeling the need for a little retail therapy as well as the warm fuzzies that come with giving stuff away to those who truly need you are:

I didn't know how else to do this. Lots of people have been asking how they could help my family, and well, this is the only way. I hate mass emails, but I thank you in advance for reading.
My entire family is from South Louisiana, with about 60% living in New Orleans. There are at least 16 homes in family destroyed. Homes that survived all before this, ranging from my Grandmother, Great Aunts, cousins, Aunts, Uncles, and possibly sister (if they can get in on Monday withstanding the violence). They are all safe. A couple of hours ago the last cousin was accounted for. They have food and shelter, and are staying with other family members. As you can tell, I come from a large family.... and thank god for family - and friends.
Some of you have asked what you can do. That you don't just want to give money. I say this weekend is a good time to clean your closets, cabinets, drawers, and more. They will need towels, bed linens, kitchen utensils, phones, clocks, books, cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies, school supplies, toys, clothes and much more. Below is a list of sizes for those that I've reached. If it doesn't fit, I promise you that it will be put to good use. Truckloads have been going daily from my home town of Donaldsonville to Baton Rouge to aid refugees. My parents' address is also below if you want to ship anything.
Please, there is no need to email me back and apologize. You've done nothing wrong. But you can do something right. I know I didn't include everyone I know in this email so please feel free to pass to your friends and family.
Laurie Brown
Relief Supplies
c/o Kathryn & Tim Brown
142 Sportsmans Drive
Belle Rose, LA 70341
Ricky Macaluso (41): XL, short length shirt, 38 waist
Melinda Macaluso (38): size 16/18
Mia Macaluso (5): 5T
Josh Macaluso (3): 2T
Monica Macaluso (38): size 22
Gertrude Macaluso (86): size 14/16
John Macaluso (85): 38 waist
Francis Volk (82): size 16/18
Reid Macaluso (48): 46 waist
Eileen Morgan (38): size 14/16
(as you can tell, my family likes to eat:)


Anonymous said...

I have sent Laurie's family some bed linens and a large pillow, flashlight, drinking water tablets, several C&D size batteries, clock radio w/battery backup, BBQ-set, crayons, writing and mailing items with stamps, specially inscribed Monopoly game and small clamps.

Laurie Brown Kindred said...

thank you everyone for your kind emails, and incredibly gratious actions. hearing the joy of 5 & 3 year old at Christmas was exactly what my family needed. I know more is on the way, and there are not enough synonyms to explain how remarkably generous people have been - close friends to complete strangers. Life must go on and because of you, it can.