Saturday, September 24, 2005

simplicity...ain't so easy

bad hair days would be a thing of the past...

today, after my first clogging class with marybeth (fun!), i dined on a mesclun, goat cheese, pecan, and dried cranberry salad in union square park underneath a canopy of trees and damp (though not damningly damp) earth beneath my bum while being serenaded by a group of Amish singers in from Pennsylvania for the day. simple, sweet hymns with simple, sweet harmonies. it was a lovely afternoon. autumn was flirting with me like the Casanova that he is; i'm such a sucker for a boy who looks good in earth tones and smells like burning leaves...

the Amish ladies wore the requisite cotton calico dresses in muted pastels and those little white bonnets tied beneath their chins. they were all shapes and sizes. stout and jolly. thin and towering. petite and prim. i wondered if one of them had actually baked the whole wheat ginger cookie i had just procured from the farmer's market and was nibbling on happily.

and of course, dear reader, what was the thoroughly mundane thought i caught whizzing thru my thoroughly mundane brain as i watched these goddesses of simple contentedness sing their hymns of love beneath a divine filigree of trees?

i wonder if they ever think they're fat?

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