Thursday, October 27, 2005

a man who can idolize my thighs, is a man i can love.

run, (or whatever the equivalent of running would be online) don't singer/songwriter ethan lipton's website and download my new favoritest song i like your thighs:

i like your thighs in the fatty position
sitting upon a wall

spread out so wide and all

they touch

i know you do not think it's flattering

but it really rings my bell

i like your thighs in the fatty position.


then, once you've started to feel better about your dreaded "thigh spread," click on let's go to mars, and just feeeeeeeeeeeeel good. makes me want to take my sleeping bag and a big thermos of almond tea out back and sleep underneath the stars.

let's go to mars
let's fly away
let's build a new hoome
this one is rotting. shhh...

let's go to mars
children can pay
they get allowance
at least i know i did.

and jesus will meet us with chili and a spoon
and take us on side trips to the moon.

his music is the best first you giggle to yourself and think,

oh, this is funny and light and silly.

then after you let it settle and sit for a sec you think,

oh, this is profound and pretty and probably true.

sorta like some boys i know.

anyhoodle...check it out.

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Anonymous said...

I can't find my blogspot password, so I'll have to this anonymously... Denise Duhamel has a poem, dedicated to her husband Nick Carbo, called "For the One Man Who Likes My Thighs." They did a joint reading on Valentine's Day several years ago that was very cool; I always liked the idea of couples being mutual muses.