Sunday, October 09, 2005

a silly, glittery autumnal reminiscence

yesterday, i had to pull my purple rain slicker out of its summer hibernation. it was the first unofficial rainy fall day in nyc. thanks be to jesus! it's gettin' chilly, the leaves are a changin', and i have an insatiable craving for chili and cableknit wool sweaters. (not eating the sweaters, wearing them, silly.) yippeee!!! autumn is my season.

i slipped my hand into the side pocket. my hand discovered a smooth plastic container of banana-strawberry flavored lipgloss...with sparkles. i immediately remembered when i bought it: two novembers ago, at the beginning of what would prove to be a very short-lived, though fire-in-the-belly-movie-moments-are-made-of-this, romance. at the time, i thought it might be funny, charming, reminiscent of junior high Lip Smackers moments, for him to discover that kiddie candy sweet on my lips. tee hee hee. i don't recall him ever noticing the taste, but i do remember looking up from one of street corner embraces, and discovering that i had littered his face glitter.

funny. he didn't seem to mind.

there are worse things, i suppose.

tee. hee. hee.

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