Monday, May 14, 2007

the mamas and the ta-tas

sundays can be painfully slow at the pub. yesterday particularly, it being mama's day 'n' all, and most people don't bring their mamas to a pub. while not good for my pocketbook, good for the mamas of the world, i suppose. the bartender and i flip through trashy mags for hours at a time. i learn nothing, other than that i'm quite happy i do not live in L.A., Jessica Simpson's breasts seem to get bigger with each passing day, and that with each flip of the page, i find myself feeling increasingly sorry for Britney and Lindsay, and increasingly angry at their mothers.

where are they?

and, of course, i recognize the unfairness in that complaint. why aren't i equally angry at their fathers?

where are they?

anyway, i did find an advertisement for this website. love 'em.


and yes, it was mother's day yesterday. yes, my mother is dead. yes, i was fine. i got a little Eeyorean on my walk home in the evening, but i made a few touchbase telephone calls to other motherless heathens i know and love, and that seemed to help. then i went home and celebrated the freedom of my motherlessness by running around my apartment with scissors in dirty underwear until 3am.


PalmTreeChick said...

Ha ha...Why do they always say "Make sure you're wearing clean underwear?" Like we're going to wear dirty underwear??

scorpiosity said...

Some e-friends started a forum for women whose mothers have died. If you want to check it out, the addy is

I know it is kind of weird, but it helps to have friends, no?