Wednesday, June 20, 2007

a fat rant.

i can't believe i've missed is WONDERFUL. it has gotten a TON of press, and she's gotten 903,983 views as of a few minutes ago. it clearly resonates with people...of ALL SIZES.

thank you, Joy Nash.


PalmTreeChick said...

Dr. Stacey had that posted on her blog. I totally thought of you because it reminded me so much of your show, because she has such a great personality. :)

Anonymous said...


And btw, is this girl not cute and pretty just the way she is? It's great that she wears nice clothes and is proud of who she is. I couldn't find where I can leave her this response so for now I'm leavin it here...

And to you, I want you to know i stumbled onto your blog and its very cool, thanks for sharing all this with the world! I think it helps a lot of people.

You said in one of your posts that you were surprised to find out how much models and actresses are airbrushed in commercials. Oh yea, I work in that field. Fortunately I don't have THAT job, I do other stuff, but I see what goes on. You'd be shocked.

And, you also said in a post that certain stores mislabel their sizes and mark things as smaller than their "true size". But really, there IS no definition of a "true size". There isn't, it changes from company to company. So why do you assume the small ones are "true"?
It is true that women like to see the smaller number. And it is helpful to free ourselves from that. When I break free from that and try on a variety of sizes I find cooler stuff. And even the side of me that IS influenced by the cultural quest to, I dunno, take up less space - even that side of me can be calmed down somewhat by the reminder that nobody sees the number anyway.
But it's even better when I can feel liberated and shout the sizes I wear and what I weight from the mountaintops with pride, hehe. :)

Anyway, like I said, thanks for the blog, will keep reading more.

Crystal said...

This was awesome. I just added it to my myspace. Thanks Margaux!