Sunday, June 10, 2007

no more "date salads."

i went on a date thursday night (yes, i've actually had a few of those lately), and The Cute took me to an excellent sushi place downtown. while he was away using the loo, i struck up a conversation with the folks at the table next to me - two women on a business trip.

"oh, so you're from miami, you all must have really great sushi down there."

"oh, i've been all over, and this is by far the best sushi place i've ever been to...and i'm not on a date, so i can stuff my face."

"well, i am on a date, and i'm still gonna stuff my face."

"good for you...and you'll still have more fun afterwards than we will."


haith said...

"invincible summer"- i'm assuming you've got the k.d. lang cd that was inspired by that, too? reminded me to pull it out and put it into circulation.

PalmTreeChick said...

I love it! Made me smile this Monday morning!