Wednesday, June 06, 2007

lesbians like tiaras too.

okay, okay...full disclosure:

my neighbors k + k are out of town for the week, so i "borrowed" their periodicals (really just the People magazine and the Time Out New York).

hi guys! i'll return them uncrinkled, and i promise i did not read them while on the throne.

i was flipping through the TONY and came across an interview with Glenn Marla, the reigning Miss LEZ and self-described "fat go-go and sex-positive superstar." i'm not a lesbian (really, Dad, i'm not), but if i were, i think i'd be a lot like her. she describes her style as combining "aspects of gut-as-glamour, dapper dandy, and trannie realness with a strong relationship to color – and a love of spandex and sparkle." on second thought, i'd like to work on adopting her style philosophy, whether i shoot for the other team or not. sparkle is a non-gender-biased cosmetic upper.

she said a few things that stuck with me, more so than anything any Miss USA has ever squawked:

My platform was to make backfat the new cleavage, and I don't know if you have looked around lately, but backfat has become all the rage!

I'm an ethical slut who tries to fall in love at least once a day...

I do believe that one can be fabulous, amazing, brilliant, sexy and nice.


pickle said...

What losers get People magazine?

K of K&K

Kurt said...

Technically, that's against federal law.