Monday, January 07, 2008

oh, so based on the contents of your brain, i think you'd want an empty shot glass.

sunday was The Cute's birthday. he had a little gathering of friends down at The Bleecker Street Bar that night. i made The Cute's favorite recipe for chocolate cake - Ina Garten's chocolate espresso cake - but i made cupcakes instead. i was desperately eager to use my brand-spankin' new Oneida cupcake carrier! a divinely perfect Christmas gift from r.

"that is so very Margaux-y," The Cute says.

at the end of the night, i'm enjoying my reign as Cupcake Fairy, walking around the bar handing out leftover cupcakes to strangers (i wish i could get paid to do this).

i approach the bar and offer the remaining two cupcakes to two guys. one is the bartender, and one, i determine by the girth of his forearms and his no-nonsense demeanor, must be the bouncer. they thank me, and the bartender returns the favor by offering me a free shot.

"oh, okay, but it's gotta be something girly and sweet."

"really?" the bouncer says. "something girly and sweet?"

"uh, yeah. why?"

"well, based on your size i thought you'd want something hard and biting."


PalmTreeChick said...

I can take him! Want me to go beat him up for ya?

haith said...

WHAT???? unbelievable.

April said...

That sounds like a really rude comment, but I don't really understsand it.

Don't men know that they should never comment on a woman's size?


t.c. said...

so apparently blood boils at reading-this degrees. argh. that kills me.

i'm glad i was off in drunken oblivion or our stay there would have been cut short by the ambulance arriving to scrape me off the bouncer's shoe. he woulda heard an earful before that loud squashing sound, however.

Alice said...

I can't believe he actually said that.

How friggin rude!!

Rahadyan said...

Not a big fan of Emily Post or Miss Manners, was he? Sheesh.