Saturday, January 19, 2008

'tis my birthday.

me minus 27 years.

i am 33 today.

"the age Jesus was when he was crucified," The Cute likes to point out.

i'm spending it pretty quietly today. hanging at a local cafe, sending out some size ate p.r. emails, reading some Jane Kenyon poetry. later on, i'm going for drinks and dinner with a few friends. i was not feeling the big, sparkly birthday bash.

"where's your birthday tiara?" the Cute asked me yesterday.

"i'm wearing it on the inside this year."

i'm very very happy with my life these days. i told The Cute last night that i wouldn't change a single thing about my life right now. i do believe i am right where i am supposed to be right at this very moment. i don't mean i don't want more... bigger and better things, but i'm satisfied, pleased, thrilled with today and now and all of its blessings. i'm even dealing with the recent vicious outbreak of zits on my chin with relative calm. they just don't matter in comparison, do they?


but i mean, really. 33-years old and i still breakout?!?! not fair. i'll bet Jesus didn't have zits.


Sara said...

Oh Happy, Happy, Happy Day! You're such an inspiration. My HERO. :) Even with the zits. :P

Sara said...

Oh Happy, Happy, Happy Day! You're such an inspiration! My HERO. Even with the zits. :B

azusmom said...

Happy Birthday!
I'd just like to say, I am SO JEALOUS of your Wonder Woman costume!!!!!!!

April said...

Happy birthday! I am 33 too. It's a wonderful age. Enjoy!


Rahadyan said...

I'm glad your birthday was filled with love and love ones. Many happy returns.

Dreaming again said...

Happy Birthday! Happy Happy birthday ..even though it's late.

And ..since the Bible says that Jesus knew everything that was common to man ... I bet he did too have zits! Maybe not by 33 since most men have outgrown them by then ...but I bet as a teen he did!! *grin*

I just want to know ...did he POP those zits?