Friday, April 18, 2008

squishy insides are divine.

when was the last time you ate a bagel in its entirety withOUT ripping the squishy, yummy insides out to lessen the carb load? it's been YEARS for me, but i just finished one (slathered with full-fat scallion cream cheese, thank you very much). it was absolutely lovely, and the most remarkable thing is that i do not have an overwhelming desire to leave my desk NOW and run up and down the 20-plus flights of stairs in my building for 3 hours. this is an improvement! nope. i'm just content, satiated and very grateful that our ancestors figured out how to harvest wheat so i could have this moment.

(speaking of breakfast. check out this lovely little blog called simply breakfast. frankly, i regularly skip this meal in order to get more sleep, but this website has inspired me to rise and dine. of course this does mean, i think, that i need to clean off all the unfinished arts and crafts projects from my kitchen table.)


Palmtreechick said...

That sounds good, minus the scallion cream cheese. It would be even better fresh from the oven. I probably haven't had a bagel since high school during my "I only eat bread and dry cereal" stage.

cggirl said...

mmm bagel...

that IS a great experience; i, too, had that step, that new experience of eating something and just enjoying it, all of it, just because i want it. is awesome. now i do that as often as possible :)