Thursday, May 01, 2008

choosing nothing.

i'll be back soon-ish. have been suffering from a little something called post-vacation depression.




i had an amazing time at the beach just... being with an amazing group of people [and one amazing person in particular (insert flutter of eyelashes and heart here].

most valuable insight while on vacation? i really don't want to be busy all of the time (like i feel i am). i want to DO NOTHING more often. i want to BE BORED more often. i want to delight in BEING BORED. (contrary to what my mother said, being bored does NOT make one a boring person)

i want to spend more time with a book in my hands, staring listlessly into space.

i want to write more love letters in the sand that then swish! get washed away by a wave.

i want to nap more often.

i want to have coffee on the dock with the fairies (they drink their coffee out of tiny seashells, you know) on a regular basis.

i want to stare at the moon while The Cute fiddles with the twin moles at the nape of my neck... more often.

i want to observe more often. i want to DO less often.

of course, like all things, this means striking a happy balance between doing nothing and being productive (one makes the other mucho more delicioso), but i really do think that's found relatively easily... by being choosier. fancier folks call it prioritizing.


haith said...

become a bartender.

seriously, all your "i wants" are why i keep finding it so difficult to walk away...

Rahadyan said...

I hear ya.

Whenever I'm on vacation, I feel a need to be doing something: babysitting, keeping an eye on my aging parents, decluttering.

Despite the gas issues, I'm going to try to do more "get away from multitasking" type of weekends this summer.