Tuesday, May 06, 2008

i'm not sure what this says about me, but i really, really, really want this Disney Couture (seriously) necklace. there is a hefty dose of tack that keeps poking its bleach blond noggin through my ever-peeling veneer of class. i can't kill it. i've tried. glitter is my drug of choice.

blame my parents. they had white shag carpeting in their bedroom.


Anonymous said...

Glitter the sparkly stuff or "Glitter" the Mariah Carey movie?

Either one works!

hope505 said...

...I believe this font, in particular, has a high probability of triggering latent 70's DISCO DNA in the observer... ~ wheee! ~
::pulls on rollerskates::

Juliet said...

If it weren't gold, I'd dig it. I'm a silver/white gold/platinum kind of girl.

But glitter of that type is an excellent drug of choice. In general, I'm not terribly materialistic, but if I were loaded, I'd have one hell of a jewelry collection.