Thursday, May 08, 2008

an observation

although you might lose weight in your face, you cannot lose weight in your nose. it is inevitable that your nose will look bigger as your face gets thinner, or your nose will look smaller as your face gets rounder.

my point is: if it's not something, it's something else. cover your bases. love every bit of yourself any which way.


April said...

That is really interesting! I never thought of that.

A lot of people seem to have issues with their noses. I never really notice mine, which I suppose is good. Mostly I note that it's cold all winter. I wish someone would invent a nose warmer.


iva riggs said...

i have been losing weight for a while now, and last week my husband commented, "you know, your body and your face have gotten a lot slimmer, but your nose hasn't." he was amused about that. i wasn't so amused, as i'd been sensitive about my big schnoz as a child until my face plumped up and "grew" into it... oh well.