Tuesday, June 17, 2008

for that passive-aggressive baby shower hostess

in an attempt to find some inspiration for a cute though not saccharine sweet baby shower corsage, i stopped by my neighborhood party store. i want to make something that's pretty, but something with a little wit, but something that doesn't involve baby socks or pacifiers or wet ones.

yes, i am making a baby shower corsage. i actually, seriously, no-joke googled "baby shower corsage that will not make you gag," in hopes that maybe there was some woman out there who was faced with a similar dilemma, solved it wittily yet prettily, and then blogged about it.

no dice.

so i went into the party store, and i didn't find much inspiration, but i did find this cake topper. it's not the best pic in the world (a better one here), but it's a figurine of a pretty darn slim pregnant woman (excepting her protruding belly) who has broken a scale because she's SO FREAKING HUGE.

i'm throwing a party to celebrate the birth of your beautiful miracle baby, you earth mother, you. i've baked you a big beautiful cake (your favorite flavor and icing), and now, i'm just gonna put this little figurine on top to remind you just HOW MUCH WEIGHT YOU'VE GAINED. now, go on, eat as much you want! it's okay! you're eating for TWO!

it bugs. and for a moment i thought maybe i was being oversensitive, but i did a quick google search looking for a better pic, and i found this. ah ha! commiseration is a fine thing indeed. i love the internetikins. i want to pinch its cheeks.


"Julia" said...

When did it become a crime to gain weight during pregnancy? Oh, yeah... the same time it became a crime to not loose it within forty-eight hours.
You've gotta love modern society.

Bacon's Mom said...

Perhaps my own "oops" colors my vision, but I didn't even see the scale - I thought it was a cake topper for "accidentally" pregnant women! And then thought - No, no one would point that out at a shower!

The scale just made it ninetybagrillion times worse. Blech.

Anonymous said...

I liked the one you picked out for my wedding MUCH better! AND it was worth to see people's faces as they approached....

Super Mom