Thursday, July 03, 2008

getting my brownie ass on.

an im chat with my bro from this afternoon. referencing this post, of course.
4:42 PMbro: are you eating a "big" salad today

me: ha.
HUGE baked potato and veggies.

bro: just saw the post
are you going to eat it all

me: already did.
and a brownie
so there.

4:42 PM bro: you should probably go work out then

me: ha
or vomit.

bro: whatever it don't want brownie ass

me: lol
brownie ass

bro: i'm just joking

4:43 PM me: i know.
i DO have a sense of humor about it all
most of the time anyway.

something about this chat is endearing to me. something about my brother's ability to joke about it means he gets It... most of the time anyway.

kinda like when he told me a couple of years ago, after i'd started the blog and after i'd done the show in NYC:

"ya know, i don't call you Margox because i think you're big like an ox or anything."

(i did know that.)

sweet, right? in the only way that brothers - who know who you are, where you've come from and how old you were when you stopped wetting the bed - sweet in the way only brothers know how to be... just before they lock you in the closet.

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Elizabeth Kathleen said...

having grown up with 2 brothers and 3 brother-cousins, I can relate to nicknames. I don't call you Marganix for nothin' !!!

love, Elizabeef.z