Friday, July 18, 2008

my own little river map

this morning, as i'm getting dressed in front of the bathroom mirror, the sunlight streaming through the window hits my body in such a way so that the fine, white striations on my hips are more pronounced.

i stop. i stare. i gently touch them, delicate little white ribbons weaving across my hips and onto my inner thighs.

"oh, my poor little stretch marks."

i'm sure there will come a day in the not too distant future when i am not so well-rested nor so well-balanced, and i will see these marks as gross and unattractive. i will try to rid my body of them via copious slatherings of cocoa butter and vigorous exfoliations, but for today, i like them. welcome them. they are evidence of a life lived imperfectly, and a body and soul that has adapted.

"thank you."

a reaction of gratitude and compassion instead of disgust. this is a good day indeed.

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bdc said...

M-This is a shining example of why I think you are not only a brilliant writer and thinker, but a REALITY GENIUS with your words... as I read each new word, I felt drops fall from my eyes... ah, yes, I know exactly what you mean... (and just to make sure you know, I DO NOT CRY WHILE READING -- almost never... never have, not sure why or why not, just know your words inspired my eyes to react... and I thank you for that). From one self-proclaimed (ha!) writer to the next, you are DAMN IMPRESSIVE. -- BDC