Friday, May 01, 2009

3 of the best things about recovering from an eating disorder

cheese, bread, and chocolate.

the holy trinity.



PTC said...

Sounds good to me.

Lisa said...

Whoa, that's one heck of a chocolate bar!

Sara said...

Um, AMEN SISTER. Now, WHERE did you find that chocolate!?

margrocks said...

right, PTC? so lovely to join the world of the living again.

i know, lisa. i feel like you should eat the good stuff. the stuff that makes your knees buckle.

whole foods, sara! 8 bucks, and it's definitely got a healthy dose of salt, but i like that sort of thing.

Imogen said...

hm. yeah because only anorexia is classed as an eating disorder..

Imogen said...

apologies.. my last comment was blunt and frankly rude. I'm a recovering bulimic and I just get really mad how little attention is paid to the equally devastating illness.. plus I'm just mighty confused at the moment because statistics tell me I am not alone in this recovery - that more people suffer from bulimia than any other eating disorder, yet I only ever hear/see/read about anorexics. It doesn't make any sense.

I'm glad now you can enjoy yourself with food :) I'm only jealous because I am still to reach that point where I am not afraid of what I eat. Or how I will cope without throwing up my guts.

Your blog is a huge ray of light, and I'm sure it helps many others put things into perspective within their own lives.

Keep on doing what you're doing, because so far you're doing an awesome job.

margrocks said...

no worries, imogen. you're right. bulimia doesn't nearly get the attention that anorexia does, and it should. not sure why. i'll bet it's easier (that seems like the wrong word, but i'm at a loss for a better one at the moment) to hide bulimia than it is anorexia. people notice when you're not eating, but bulimics usually appear to eat normally, and then do the dirty business out of sight. saying that, it makes me realize how dangerous bulimia can be - can go undetected for years.

i tend to focus on anorexia here b/c that's what i struggled with. i never purposely threw up food (sadly, not for lack of trying).

anyway, i hope you know that you are definitely not alone, and i promise promise promise it can get better. an ED does not have to be a life sentence.