Wednesday, May 20, 2009


and... SCENE.

but The Cute did make me this coffee this morning.

just what a girl needs on the first day of Aunt Flo's visit when she's certainly feeling so not very H-O-T.

today, i'm going to drink lots of water, feed myself healthy, warm, comfort food, take a quick walk out of the office in the sunshine, and maybe buy myself a curling iron. (yeah, that last one's a little weird, but i've been wanting one for a while. to many childhood productions of The Nutcracker, i guess. i miss ringlets.)

what sort of things do you do to take care of yourself when Aunt Flo visits? how could you better care for yourself during those times?


Lissy said...

i'm a wreck when i get my period. my doctor suspects i have endometriosis, because my cramps are so bad and my periods so long.

i've always felt that no one understands my monthly three-days of bad cramps and the runs.

if i can, like if it's the weekend, i hide myself inside and stay at my apartment, without my boyfriend. my mood is so cranky and irritable. and i ache.

the best thing i've done lately, is give myself a break about the monthly weight gain and stay off the scale. i used to hate myself . for the water retention, never allowing that is was nothing i'd done.

now, i put on looser clothes and bras and let myself be. it feels so much better than the old constant beratement.

i'm learning. very slowly

margrocks said...

oh lissy, i sighed reading your comment. sighed with happiness. not b/c you have bad cramps (and maybe endometriosis. that sucks.) but about the giving yourself a break about the monthly weight gain. amen, sister. i'm going out tonight, and i'm like, "what can i wear that will look presentable, but allow me to let it all hang out?" so different from the days of old - punishing myself by staying home b/c the "skinny jeans" don't fit.

PTC said...

I haven't seen you in forever, how can we be on the same schedule? :) Blah.

I don't do anything special, except maybe take it easy at the gym.

margrocks said...

weird, PTC! i guess my moon cycle is just THAT STRONG. i am woman hear me roar.

Danielle Mari said...

And for God's sake.... the farting. Does anyone else have that? Horrible.

I curl up with a heating pad, some advil, and a lot of moaning.

And of late, I have tried to pay attention to my mood swings. I am starting to suspect that the little things that drive me absolutely bonkers are somehow indicative of deeper issues I should deal with when I am not a bloated, growling, bag of hormones.

margrocks said...

ha! yes!!! the GAS, god help me, danielle. i like the idea of *paying attention* to your mood swings. i've gotten better about allowing them, but actually paying attention to them? them's gold in them thar hills, danielle. wicked smaht.

PTC said...

Must be!! Can you warn me next time, please?

We need to hang soon. Maybe a walk in the park or a cup o tea?

margrocks said...

next time i'll send you a warning cramp via the moon goddess. and yes to a walk in the park. sounds good! tea for you, cafe for me.

PTC said...

Sounds great. Will touch base!

(The word verification word was "largiest." Ok, that is hysterical!!)

Liv said...

Long time listener, first time caller...

Anyway though,my patented two-step cure for killer cramps:

1.) Curl into fetal ball.

2.) Pop in your handy Arrested Development DVD.

Works every single time.

margrocks said...

largiest? ha. excellent.

welcome, liv. arrested development! loooove that CD. will have to try it next time for cramp amelioration.

Michal said...

i take naps.
(oh and that coffee is awesome! :) )

you're sweeeeeeet... said...

Liv, you have to mention "television show" to margaux... unless it starts with a "The Real Housewives of..." she hasn't heard of it.

margrocks said...

ha! the SHOW! i know the show!!! i watched the entire first season, but i was thinking music. ha!