Friday, May 08, 2009

how about a no-diet LIFE?

reason #17 not to diet: BAKED GOODS!

not sure how i missed this (oh, wait, yes i do, i was organizing a bake sale!), but may 6 was International NO-DIET DAY. i say we celebrate this all year long!

not that i need any other reasons - dieting makes me a miserable, hungry, self-centered bitch, and i think that's reason enough - but here are 16 reasons not to diet.


Danielle Mari said...

Wonderful idea and a wonderful link!

It reminds me of when I was struggling with accepting my weight.. I saw a fantastic therapist who asked me to tell her what was GOOD about being overweight. I sat there blinking at her, "N-nothing... right?"

She grinned and said, "Oh come on! You get to eat whatever you want! You should at least enjoy that!"

That one comment completely adjusted my thinking. Enjoying eating?! What a wild idea!

margrocks said...

i LOVE that therapist, danielle! holy cow. i wish she'd been mine. another benefit of being "overweight"? i just read today about a study of twins: one of which is thin and one of which is heavier. the twins who are heavier look younger than their thinner counterparts. again, not that that should matter that much, but nice, right?