Friday, June 19, 2009

and so am i.

from Yellowgoat's Feel Good series via Etsy

if i were wealthy, i'd buy all you ladies this necklace. wouldn't it feel great walking around with this on? just think about how many smiles you'd elicit!

3 awesome things about me?

i can make popovers from scratch.

i can still do a toe-touch (on a trampoline).

i am fiercely loyal and loving, usually brave, and very forgiving.

quick! tell me 3 awesome things about yourself!


tc said...

i enjoy math.
i believe in aliens.
i am in love with a beautiful, remarkable, sweet woman.

Carolyn said...

I'm adventerous (for example: I shaved my head because I wondered what it would feel like)

I'm colorful (I have tattoos and I love rainbows and bright clothes)

I love to ponder things that make your brain go "SPROING!". Like string theory, multiple dimensions etc.

Alyssa said...

I am really, really strong (physically).

I adore animals and they like me too.

I am eternally optimistic.

Suzanna White said...

i'm drunk. i'm shy. and i'm not going to be defined by my eating disorder!

NewMe said...

I speak French really, really well.
I love being spontaneous.
I work really hard at keeping my arthritis at bay.

margrocks said...

thank you for your amazing comments. notice none of these has to do with what our bodies look like. hurrah!

we are all truly, unbelievably, awesome beings. let's remember that. necklace or no!

Danielle Mari said...

I have a gift for making people laugh.
I read and enjoyed Shakespeare starting in 4th grade.
I can do a freakishly realistic baby cry. (Really.)

tricia said...

i can make a fool of myself all to get someone to smile

i can relate any real life situation to a Simpson's episode

when i was younger i never thought i would find someone that i would fall in love with & have fall in love with me...but i did, and now we are engaged :o)