Friday, June 26, 2009

my stomach: gurgle, gurgle, pop, splat.

ever eaten a "nutrition bar" on an empty stomach?


i had one stashed in my desk at work from some "wellness seminar." i was starving, so i had a few bites. never again. those things aren't food, they're mortar.


have a happy, happy friday, y'all.

do something you love this weekend: sleep in, rub a leaf of fresh basil between your fingertips and inhale deeply, buy yourself a coloring book and a Crayola 64, make a batch of homemade ketchup, take a walk in the sunshine (or in the rain, in flip-flops!).

i'm gonna pay someone to wash my hair with yumscious shampoo and blow it dry. i'm gonna make mojitos with the fresh mint from our herb garden and, well... that might be just about all i can handle this weekend. as lillian hellman once said, "productivity is not the only proof of a serious life."


what will you do?


Danielle Mari said...

Energy bars try to warn you with their fecal appearance. Long ago, I participated in a week long bike ride when they (the proverbial They) were just launching Powerbars. We ate the prototypes and gave feedback about the disgusting texture and gnarly taste. I guess They didn't listen.

This weekend? I promise to sleep in and to drink coffee in my robe on my deck.

Suzanna White said...

ick. health bars for the lose.
mmm mojitos. try them frozen. they are pro.
this weekend i'm going to work. but sunday night i'm going to cuddle up in the hairy arms of a good friend and dream

Sara said...

I just love your blog. Every time I read a new post I want to put my bare feet in soft, green grass and sit still. :) Thanks for making me take a breath.

margrocks said...

ha! you are right, danielle! their fecal appearance should have been a big ol' clue!

sadly, no mojitos this weekend, suzanna, but i DID have a frozen strawberry margarita. ole!

and THANK YOU, sara. that made my day.