Thursday, February 16, 2006

happy belated valentine's day

Love is not gourmet
cream truffles

or pacified sucks.

But walking on broken rocks

where nobody goes-

love is.

Jane Mayhall

this is my favorite love poem. this year, anyway.

i find this is true of love in all it's forms, not just the red rose, bodice-ripping Harlequin romance love. love between friends. love between a parent and a child. love between a husband and wife. love between a girl and her ice cream. love between Me and...the Me in the Mirror. love ain't easy. i guess most things that are worth it aren't.



check out this website and photo exhibit:

RF: In 60 years, you've never had a fight?
Rose: What we gonna fight about?
Paul: No. What we gonna fight about?
RF: Well, that's a first.
Paul: What are we gonna fight about? What is there to fight about?

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